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  • During arrival and dismissal, to reduce the interaction, parents/guardians will not be required to drop off or collect inside the school

  • If possible, registration will take place outside

  • FUSION staff will sign the children in and out with parents’ permission, ensuring that staff/parents do not have to share pens and/or sign in on tablet 

  • On arrival ALL children and staff will be asked to wash their hands

  • Avoid high fives/holding hands, our new meet and greet includes the foot tap or elbow bump

  • Staff and Children will wash their hands before and after every new activity session

  • Chairs and tables to be set up adhering to the latest social distancing guidelines where possible

  • Staff will maintain ‘social bubble’ guidelines

  • Hand sanitizer will be available for staff, children and parents

  • Tissues/wipes will be available at all times

  • FUSION staff will try to ensure that physical contact children is kept to a minimum and if required relevant PPE will be provided

  • FUSION staff will continue to promote key messages of hygiene and well-being as per government guidelines

  • FUSION staff will reassure children regularly that steps are being taken to keep them safe

  • FUSION staff will ensure the cleaning rota is in place to keep all resources clean and sanitized

  • Surfaces, resources and equipment will be sanitized after use

  • Activities will be outside as much as possible (weather permitting)

  • Sitting activities and circle activities will be delivered in large areas

  • Activities adapted to suit social distancing

  • Deliver Team games where safe and appropriate to do so

  • Areas of the playground to be allocated to specific bubble groups

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