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Ultimate Player

Ultimate Player is our brand new exciting coaching platform for all our in school clubs.


It is designed to encourage and motivate children to become much more active and to eagerly participate in sports across the spectrum – all the time developing their sports related skills.


Before the first session that your child attends, you will receive an email from your child’s Ultimate Player accredited ambassador   
(Fusion Activity Clubs) this will contain a unique link to register them for Ultimate Player.


After every subsequent session, the children will receive online stats from their ambassador. They can then share and compare these sporting achievements among friends – all in a totally safe and inclusive online environment.


Progress Grades:
World Class
Ultimate Player

The children will also receive awards based on their performance ie. Most improved player, Player of the week, Player of the term.


Following this Ultimate Player encourages children to strive for their personal best… to become the complete Ultimate Player. 


For more information please visit

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